Truly great technology products are made by makers — hands-on, passionate humans. People who are driven to solve for the better, whether it’s a product, a system or a human need.

At Maker.Tech, we see every tech development project as a blank sheet of paper that can be folded in a thousand possible ways. Parts of the solution may exist already, and parts will need to be custom made. So we leverage our past work and new explorations to create the solution that is the most ‘you’ shaped.

Maker.Tech was the first company from Asia Pacific to win this prestigious award from the MACH Alliance, the authority on composable technology for digital experience based platforms. Maker.Tech delivered a completely new digital platform in just four months for the World Wildlife Fund. They now have a MACH platform that is capable of multi-channel revenue generation across web, mobile, kiosk, and signage. The organisation demonstrated improved campaign conversion and increased digital revenue conversion, among other results. The judging panel felt this project was a first of its kind transformation for an NGO.

As the leading MACH (Microservices-based, API-first, Cloud-Native SaaS, and Headless content & commerce) practitioners in Asia-Pacific, we thrive on being a development focussed company that specialises in digital experience platforms, built with composable technology. We are known for building and supporting applications, for some of the largest and most iconic business, across the region.

We future-proof our clients’ business by building and supporting multi-horizon technology foundations that enable quick market-adaption and ease of operations.

Composable technology is the basis of our platform design, development and ongoing support. This enables cost-effective scaling, continuous experimentation and iterative, low-cost change

Maker.Tech is a hands-on and capable team of intelligent, experienced technologists. We build tech solutions for clients of any scale, from corporates to government to startups and growing businesses, both here in New Zealand and around the world.

There is no preset. For us, first and foremost, a solution must be fit for our clients and fit for purpose. We develop solutions, integrate complex systems like ERP's, patient management systems, payment platforms, and inventory management systems to name a few, then provide SLA based support to everything we build.

Our goal is a solution that fits your needs now and sets you up for a better future while we feed and water it through our support capability.

We have delivered and continue to support a range of applications across a wide range of business contexts.

Our clients have fully integrated experience platforms that are actively sustained with preventative care, monitoring and alerting, SLA's, change and release management.

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Maker.Tech has made history by becoming the only top-tier partner that is wholly owned and operated within the region. We were made partners based on our capability and expertise in delivering personalised experiences through omni-channel content delivery platforms to make this all the more special.

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