We focus on using modern, best-of-breed/need MACH technologies. We believe it’s the best strategy for our clients to invest in multi-horizon digital foundations, with ease of scale, and the ability to adapt at pace. Some of the regions largest and most iconic brands trust us with designing, developing and sustaining their platforms, the evidence of our capability and subject matter expertise.

We specialise in building content delivery platforms using Contentful, Cloudinary, Storybook that deliver personalised, omni-channel experiences.

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LLM Chatbots, Predictive Modelling, MLOps

Maker.Tech has made history by becoming the only top-tier partner that is wholly owned and operated within the region. We were made partners based on our capability and expertise in delivering personalised experiences through omni-channel content delivery platforms to make this all the more special.

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DIA approved Marketplace supplier for the following services:

  • Analytics and Search Engine Optimisation
  • Back-end Development
  • Content Design
  • Front-End Development
  • Native Application Development
  • DXS Project Management Services
  • User Insight
  • Visual Design
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