The Maker.Tech team help organisations create and sustain profitable digital business models by building and embedding capabilities required to innovate and scale. Every Maker is a domicile expert in their own right, often with decades of experience. We’re passionate about what we do and keen to make a difference.

We have delivered and continue to support a range of applications across a wide range of business contexts.

Our clients have fully integrated experience platforms that are actively sustained with preventative care, monitoring and alerting, SLA's, change and release management.

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Laptop and tablet displaying the website.
WWF logo.

Redesigned, replatformed from a monolithic CMS to a headless content platform, modernised search, and modernised digital asset management. This is now the digital experience platform foundation for experiences across the website, commerce, kiosk, signage, EDM and social

Contentful, Algolia, GCP, Cloudinary, Datadog, Sentry

Laptop and tablet displaying the website.
Levande logo.

Replatformed to a modern composable stack with Headless content, commerce, Search, DAM. API integrated to Salesforce for Forms & EDM’s, and Dynamics 365 for headless inventory.

Contentful, Algolia, Vercel, Cloudinary, Datadog, Sentry, integration to Salesforce, Workato, D365

Tablet displaying Emirates Team New Zealand using on-boat digital technology.
Emirates Team New Zealand logo.

We worked with Emirates Team New Zealand to optimise their on-boat performance by truly leveraging the power of digital technology.

Strategy, Architecture, React.js

Laptop displaying the website.
Education New Zealand logo.

We have built a content delivery platform that delivers the optimal omni-channel experience to learners in a personalised and meaningful way.

Contentful, Google Cloud Platform, React.js, Algolia

Four mobile phones displaying different ENZ websites.
Education New Zealand logo.

We built a suite comprising a UI component library and Contentful components that enables ENZ to spin up new websites and microsites in a few days.

Contentful, Google Cloud Platform, React.js, Algolia, Storybook, Playwright, Chromatic

Tablet displaying the Westpac Digital Human.
Westpac logo.

We have been partnering with Westpac Australia to help them minimise waste on R&D and working together to apply technology innovation in the right place to maximise ROI.

React.js, Google Dialogflow, Google Cloud Platform, Soul Machines, Digital People, Conversational AI / NLP

The SK-II virtual skincare consultant.
SK-II logo.

Meet Yumi, the world’s first virtual AI animated beauty consultant! Customers can turn to her for skincare and beauty questions at any time of the day or night.

React.js, Google Dialogflow, Google Cloud Platform, Soul Machines Digital People , Conversational AI, NLP

Laptop and mobile phone displaying the website.
Summerset Retirement Villages logo.

We are laying the foundations to deliver a meaningful experience that aides the aged and their loved ones, from interest through to residency.

React.js, Contentful, AWS Lambda, DynamoDB

Laptop displaying the Placemakers website.
Placemakers logo.

We delivered Fletcher Building's first e-commerce / online-only hardware store for, which evolved to become the first B2C e-commerce portal for our leading and largest supplier of building materials and hardware in NZ , Placemakers. In a separate project we built a complete game, with a gaming engine, dynamic content and personalisation for the Super Rugby.

React.js, PWA, Google Cloud Platform, Contentful, Shopify, Serverless, UX Design, UI Design

Group of logos including Metlifecare, Burger King, New Zealand Education and St. John Ambulance.

We helped small-medium businesses with their strategic goals, transformation, operating models and technology selection in the absence of an in-house CIO or CTO.